‚ÄčAbout the material of the brush

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 About the material of the brush, it is mainly divided into yellow Wolf wool, squirrel hairand wool raccoon, wool horsehair, horsehair,  bristle hair, nylon bristles.

    Yellow wolf hair: also known as the mink, a top brush As there is no long size, yellow Wolf tail so commonly used for eye shadow brush and lip brush, softness and flexibility are great But because of its own characteristics, do short brush softness will not so good, can let a person think is, therefore, when selecting a weasel hair short hair brush brush (smoked category), you need to do a little psychological preparation.

 2 squirrel hair: high-grade wool, the luster is very good, is characterized by hair root thick Mao Shao thin, very soft, but slightly less elastic, more suitable for large area of makeup brush, fine brush is not very suitable.

 3 squirrel: MAO is high-grade brush material, silky is in a prominent place in it Hair root is very thick, do can cause hair brush with hollow embarrassment, so often blended with other materials.

 4.Goat hair:very common.have many kinds of style.

 5.Raccoon hair: high-grade hair, soft, often used as a powder sweep.

 6.Horse hair: a common after wool brush material, and characterized by qualitative soft, but less elastic Like wool, horse hair also is to have the 369 water horse hair is better than natural horse hair, long hair is better than short hair

 7.The badger hair pahmi hair bristle: these three together, because they are often used for eyebrow brush production, the simple sense of the individual feels bristle will be worse than the first two slightly a little but is a honey of b of arsenic, so must be a lot of people praise highly the bristle.

  8.Nylon hair, synthetic environmental mink say is it Mainly divided into two categories, corrugated Mao Hezhi wire, straight wire is divided into three evanescent hues corrugated single evanescent hues double evanescent hues Mao Yong for powder paint and cheek is red brush, straight wire are mostly used as pink eye brush brush.

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