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   A blush brush is a cosmetic tool that is applied to the cheeks.

   Tips: on the cheek is red, you should start from the top of the cheekbones, use the method of looped by up and down along the cheek brush, until the cheek is red blend perfectly and skin color Brush with round head of rouge looped in zygomatic position, can build doll like makeup effect; If the cheekbone to the hairline position gently sweep up the rouge, then have the natural effect.

   For stereo sense is very cheek is consistent pursuit of goals, the past is under her cheekbones sweep on dark rouge but if you have seen in the 1980 s TV show, you will find that the makeup look is so fake, on the other hand, now the makeup artist to brown cosmetics and pink rouge mixed together, has become a fairly natural effect.

   Step 1: light touch cheeks are, show the outline of cheekbones, then apply a layer of brown cosmetics under cheekbones can use grooming powder brown or brown eye shadow, such as ZOREYA monochromatic color eye shadow, silky brown, highlighted create a stereoscopic feeling.

   Step 2: smile, and sweep the pink rouge on your cheeks, so that it doesn't look like a popular and fashionable product :Laneige has a blush pink.

   Step 3: combine the two colors with a clean makeup brush.

   When the season is approaching the bleak winter, how should choose a suitable color to decorate the delicate jade hand? Although this year qiu dong the colour of the popular martial arts, a traditional and do not break vogue of French nail polish is better choices in daily makeup: daub flashing silver purple golden crystal luster polish This two kinds of color can let the tip of the finger looks transparent and do not break, and can be found in many brands like the color of the daub after, can draw on the edge of the tip of the finger on one narrow white edge, classic and detailed French means came out.

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