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Are you going out for tonight? For most women, it means time to be in front of a mirror and apply a wide assortment of cosmetics. Several minutes to an hour or more will be spent and even the occasional professional consultation might be a crucial aspect of the whole process behind improving attractiveness.

If you will look inside the handbags of different women, you will surely find a lot of things in common – foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, blush on, lip gloss, lipstick and so on. But where did this assortment come from? Is there any psychological basis for makeup that women use these days? If so, could they make use of it to their advantage? Instead of asking “why should women use wear makeup?” whilst acknowledging that most women do, may we instead attempt to find out the reason why women wear the makeup they really love to put on?

We talk of cosmetics as products that are specifically designed to improve physical beauty, yet what is “beautiful”? The cross cultural research showed international variations in something that is physically appealing. This particular relativity roots beauty in socialization and not evolution. Are cosmetics these days consistent with such ideas? Here are some facts associated with this:

Women Should Wear Red Lipstick

Women who have red lips are believed to be more attractive. A field experiment that has been held recently revealed that red lipstick influenced how instantly men approached ladies in the bar. In this research, those women who wear red lipstick were approached sooner compared to other ladies who do not have red lipstick, brown lipstick or even pink lipstick.

Foundation Looks Foundational

It might be due to the fact that it can make the skin tone even and so, it might provide that stronger impression of symmetry and health, foundation is commonly recognized as improving beauty. As a matter of fact, in a study, foundation has been concluded as the product that makes the most difference when it comes to female attractiveness. 

Focus on the Eyes

In a recent research, women have rated eye makeup as the leading cosmetic product that can enhance the facial attractiveness of a woman. In short, adults are usually viewed as gorgeous and beautiful if they have features that are typical of a young such as big eye, small nose and also large lips. This exaggerated youthfulness has the tendency to possess greater appeal. 

A Little Blush

Why does rouge have the tendency to be the staple cosmetic? Maybe, it is because if women are the most sexually viable individuals or if they’re aroused, they tend to blush more easily. Applying artificial blush on might mimic this particular vascularization, giving the subtle sign of sexual interest and arousal. 

Makeup Will Simply Make You Appear Healthier

At the back of attractiveness measures, cosmetics might aid women in creating some auspicious social perceptions. Definitely, a recent study revealed that women who wear cosmetics were seen as healthier and more confident, and even with better earning potential compared to women who do not wear makeup. It implies that makeup comes with a potentially useful and advantageous role in terms of strategic self-presentation.

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